Marketing Ideas for Factoring Brokers – Book Review

Do you ever wish someone would hand you a blue print for finding business?

If you are like most factoring brokers you may wonder:

“Which marketing methods are most effective?”

“Which are a waste of time and money?”

“Which should I use?”

“Which do you use?”

After hearing these questions time and again, Jeff Callender decided to deliver a hands-on guide of marketing methods that produce results.

But he didn’t just stop at using his own proven system for finding factoring clients. He also interviewed 7 other successful small factors and brokers on the marketing methods that worked (and sometimes didn’t work) for their cash flow business.

I recently reread Marketing Tools for Small Factors and Consultants and was impressed all over again by the candor and ready to implement ideas.

One of the best sections is the summary of over 45 marketing methods that provides a detailed ranking system by:

  1. effectiveness, and
  2. cost

This handy chart lets you see at a glance that networking was a top producer but direct mail was costly with minimal results. It then goes into detail with the best places to network for factoring clients along with sample scripts and handouts.

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Without a doubt, Marketing Tools for Small Factors and Consultants, by Jeff Callender, is one of the best marketing books out there for factoring brokers.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Here are just a few of the things people are saying about it:

“If you want to know which marketing methods are the most effective and which methods are a waste of time and money, read this book.” – Richard Koroki, Torrance CA

“I loved the pictures of the business materials and articles. The specific examples were very helpful to a visual person like me.” – Rebecca Álvarez, Tulsa OK

“Attention grabbing and attention holding. Chock full of tips! Without this book, one could spend hundreds or thousands fumbling around trying to figure it all out. All the reader has to do is take action with the information and run with it.” – David Martin, Spring Hill FL

“Insightful, though-provoking and packed with information. The easy-to-implement yet low cost marketing tips are invaluable.” – Derrick Collins, Lanham MD

If you already own a copy then please, take the time to read it all over again and implement at least one new idea for finding cash flow business.

Don’t already have this gem in your library?

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