Factoring Brokers Get Paid Before a Deal Closes?

You have to hear about this…

New Factoring Broker Promotion!

We all know that factoring brokers normally get paid a referral fee after the factoring companies fund the invoices.  But PRN Funding is currently running a special offer to factoring brokers that pays a $50 gift card upon referral of a qualified medical staffing lead!

It doesn’t matter if it turns into a closed deal… you still get paid! It just has to meet these requirements:

Upon evaluation and approval that the following criteria have been met for a referral, PRN Funding will mail out a $50 gift card (of the broker’s choosing) directly to the referral source:

  1. The prospect must be an organized entity (Corporation, LLC). Sole proprietorships, general partnerships and DBA’s do not qualify for this promotion.
  2. Broker/cash flow consultant must, at minimum, informally introduce PRN Funding, LLC to the prospect. In other words, PRN Funding will not make any cold calls as part of this promotion.
  3. The prospect must have a legitimate need and interest in accounts receivable factoring.
  4. PRN Funding must receive a completed application and accounts receivable aging report from the prospect.

Source: Get all the details from Nikki Flores of PRN Funding at Factoring Broker Summer Promo.

Gift card choices include popular places like Amazon, AMC Movie Theaters, Starbucks, iTunes, Golfsmith, Olive Garden, and many more.

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factoring brokers ipad

You can also be eligible to win an iPad if you refer the most potential clients (with at least 3 leads needed to qualify).

But hurry, factoring brokers have until September 30, 2011 to take advantage of this great offer.

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