Factoring Brokers – Communication Secrets for Sales, Business and Life

We have the best job in the world! In sales, we get to meet new people every day. We are afforded the gift of learning about different industries almost every day. We get to meet a lot of people from all walks of life. We have it made! … [Read more...]

Cost Doesn’t Matter – or – Does it?

It's not the cost that's important - It's the Opportunity Cost. Of all of the questions posed to factoring companies and consultants … [Read more...]

FactoringInvestor is presenting a FREE Factoring Webinar..

**Second Consultant Webinar Completed - Stay Tuned for more info!** Factoring has always been big business and with the recent economy challenges it is being utilized now more than ever. Want to know about Factoring and how you can profit from it? Want to know what marketing methods work and what methods not to bother with? Want to know how to jump start your business and stabilize your income? This FREE 60 minute webinar will contain the most important information you will need in taking advantage of the credit crunched economy! … [Read more...]

Putting More Green in Your Wallet is as easy as 1-2-3

Being on the road as a guest speaker and instructor over the past ten years as well as my 22 plus years [boy am I getting old] in the cash flow industry has given me insight … [Read more...]