Five Reasons to Consider Factoring Your Invoices

Factoring Invoices in 5 ReasonsAnyone that runs a business on a day-to-day basis understands the need for continual cash flow. It is the lifeblood of business.

The natural ebb and flow of business income can make some weeks a [financial] breeze while others may have you questioning whether you can make payroll the following week.

With banks continually tightening the belt, many savvy business owners are turning to alternative means when it comes to generating a consistent cash flow.

Here are five reasons to consider Invoice Factoring as your legitimate solution:

1. Obtain Cash Without Debt

Selling an invoice is NOT the same as a bank loan. Even if you are able to get the bank to lend you money, at a reasonable rate, it is still a debt on the books. Was taking on more debt part of you business plan? Probably not.

2. Get Cash Fast

Factoring deals is fast. Matter of fact, once your account is set up, you often receive cash within 24-48 hours – every time you factor an invoice. Try that with a bank.

3. It Is Not YOU, It is Your CLIENT That Matters

A Factor is going to look to the strength of your client (the payor), not you. That is good news if your credit or business has hit a few bumps in the road as you try and build (or re-build) your business. It can also help you avoid offering terms to a customer that is not a good risk.

4. Selling Invoices Is Your Choice

You don’t have to Factor every invoice. That gives you the flexibility to get money when you need it. Don’t need additional cash, don’t factor any invoices. Need extra cash, factor some additional invoices for an additional cash infusion. You are in control.

5. It Is Your Money

The Factor is not going to tell you what to do with the money they send you. In other words, they are not going to say you have to use it to pay a certain bill or buy equipment. You need cash, not another boss. It is your money, spend it where you think best.

Most businesses start factoring out of a need. The need to expand or the need to get additional cash to stay in business. Whatever their need, many continue to use factoring long after the immediate need has passed – only wishing they found Factoring sooner.

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  1. ACHA JUDE NYAH says

    i am an accountant and having study with the ACCA (assoitaion of chartered certified accountants) and learning alot about factoring i want to open a factoring operation here in Cameroon which is still a vergin nation for the industry
    please advice me vergin

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