Top 7 Factoring Investor Articles of 2013

Factoring Business Review 20132013 was certainly an active year for the factoring industry.

Given the economic roller coaster, it is no wonder that more and more companies were inquiring about invoice factoring services and seeking help from factoring consultants.

Each week Factoring Investor publishes free content – all designed to help you in the area of factoring accounts receivables.

As 2013 comes to an end we wish everyone a Happy New Year!  To help get your 2014 off to a productive start, we share with you this list of the…

Top 7 Most Read Factoring Business Articles on

Six Tips For A Beginning Factoring Consultant or Broker

Wondering why some factoring consultants fail and others succeed? Here are 6 tips for starting as a factoring broker consultant from industry professional Marco Terry.

How to Optimize and Increase Your Factoring Brokerage Revenues

How using two charts to measure marketing leads and closing ratios can increase your factoring broker revenues. Start shifting your focus from trying to get as many leads as possible to finding the highest quality leads.

How To Build Your Factoring Business In 2013

Want more leads for your factoring business? Fred Leder shares how to build business using the sales funnel point tracking system.

Best of How To Start A Factoring Business

Should you start your factoring business as an agent, broker, or funding company? Can your work part-time? What are the best marketing methods? Get answers from Don D’Ambrosio.

Choosing The Right Factoring Partners

For a factoring broker, selecting the right factoring companies to work with can spell the difference between being successful in the business – and never closing many deals.

5 Traits of Highly Effective Factoring Salespeople

Sales are a vital part of the factoring industry. No factoring company wants to remain stagnant, so finding and cultivating highly effective salespeople is important. Factor Finders shares the most important qualities of successful factoring brokers and salespeople.

Top 3 Mistakes That Factoring Intermediaries and Brokers Make

How well do you know your invoice factoring product?  Are you trying to focus on too many product lines from the start or failing to manage client expectations? Discover how to avoid the top 3 mistakes Factoring intermediaries and brokers make.


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