Home Care is a Great Opportunity for the Factoring Industry

Don’t let the term medical receivable fool you. The rapid growth in home health care is creating opportunity in the factoring industry similar to traditional staffing. According to a (not surprising) 2010 AARP survey, 9 out of 10 older Americans said they’d rather be cared for in their homes than in a nursing home. As the baby boomer generation ages, Medicaid had to evolve to meet the needs of this large demographic. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) introduced a number of new incentives that made it possible for seniors and the developmentally disabled to receive care in the comfort of their homes, rather than moving into nursing home facilities. The ACA created new options and incentives to encourage states to provide home and … [Read more...]

The Affordable Care Act May Boost Demand for Staffing Factoring

The Affordable Care Act will give an unprecedented number of previously uninsured consumers access to affordable health coverage and care. This has a number of implications for the temporary staffing industry, and will create opportunities for the savvy factoring professional to expand their business. Companies looking to minimize their healthcare costs, or avoid the employer mandate entirely, will need to manage their employees’ hours to stay below the 30-hours-per-week benchmark or reduce their full-time staff below 50. Temporary staffing allows companies in this situation to fill talent gaps without compromising their position, which is both boon and burden to the staffing agency. Factoring for temporary staffing provides solutions … [Read more...]

Allied Health Staffing Factoring – A Financing Solution For Expanding Companies

The growing nurse shortage has been in the headlines for years, but there is another very real shortage that's also affecting our nation...the allied health personnel shortage. Defined as clinical healthcare professionals that assist physicians and nurses, allied health personnel are an important part of the healthcare system. Hospitals, nursing homes and clinics are beginning to feel the stress of the aging … [Read more...]

Staffing Factoring Helps Oil Spill Cleanup Jobs

Thousands of workers hit the Gulf Coast beaches to help with the worst oil spill disaster in history. Temporary workers fill many oil spill cleanup jobs, creating a surge of business for staffing companies. As a staffing company hires, trains, and pays workers they create invoices in need of payment. That can mean more cash going out than coming in, creating a cash flow crunch during a credit crisis. … [Read more...]