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Weren’t able to make it out to Washington DC this month for the Invoice Factoring Conference?  You can still get all the great factoring news and training from the event. The International Factoring Association has now made audio CDs and handouts available for purchase from their 2011 Factoring Conference at a reasonable $100 price point.

Head on over to the IFA website to check out the great information.

The Factoring News and topics include:

• Elizabeth Duke – Forecasts for the Future from the Federal Reserve Bank
• Dr. Michio Kaku – How Technology Will Affect Business and Finance
• Michael Ullman, Esq. – Due Diligence Issues
• Darla Auchinachie, Consultant – Factoring 101
• David Jencks, Esq, Jencks & Jencks, PC. – Current Topics in Transportation Factoring
• Blaine Waugh – Introduction to Sales and Marketing
• Jason Peckham, Esq. – IRS and Tax Liens
• Marianne Eby, Esq. – Negotiation Techniques
• Bob Zadek, Esq., Buchalter Nemer – Report from the Courts
• Defending Bankruptcy Panel
• Factoring in Canada Panel
• Frauds, Fairy Tales and Facts Panel
• Letters of Credit Panel
• Topical Legal Issues Panel

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