Factoring: Sell Your Invoices Today!

Factoring Sell Your Invoices TodayFactoring: Sell Your Invoices Today, Get Cash Tomorrow – How to Obtain Unlimited Funds Without a Loan, by Jeff Callender

Do You Need Capital for Your Company?

Will factoring help your small business?

Learn how selling your invoices can generate immediate cash flow, who can qualify, when to factor and when not to, how to find the right factor, how to know if a factor is right for your company, and much more.

This book is written for business owners and introduces an alternative means of financing called factoring. Often misunderstood by some and unknown to most, this form of funding is available to many businesses that cannot obtain a bank loan. It can open doors you never knew existed to provide the cash your company sorely needs.

In Sell Your Invoices Today you will discover…

  • Why you may never have heard of factoring, despite its existence for centuries.
  • What types of businesses qualify for these funds and the simple requirements to meet.
  • Why many companies turned down by banks are welcomed by factors.
  • Tips and resources to make your search for a factor fast and inexpensive.
  • Features and services to look for in a factor…and clues as to which factors to avoid.
  • What to expect in the application process, and its speed compared to traditional loans.
  • Common factoring procedures and why they are utilized.
  • How to inform your customers you are factoring in a way that strengthens your business.
  • A flowchart of the pre-funding steps, plus another of a normal factoring transaction from start to finish.
  • Faulty assumptions often made about factoring, and mistakes to avoid once you’re under way.

About the Author:  Since 1994, Jeff Callender has helped hundreds of companies as their factor. This book reveals how companies of any size – from small home-based and start-up operations to large corporations – can obtain working capital quickly. And best of all…how to do so without incurring a penny of debt.

The book Factoring: Sell Your Invoices Today, Get Cash Tomorrow is available as part of the Small Business Factoring Series.