Factoring Wisdom: A Preview of Buying Receivables

Factoring Wisdom Book CoverShort Sayings and Straight Talk for New & Small Factors, by Jeff Callender

Over 100 factoring topics are succinctly discussed in this collection of short quotes. The first book in the Small Factoring Business series, this is both an excellent preview and review of the industry.

If you are intrigued about buying receivables this digest is a good way to begin learning.  It provides a thumbnail sketch of the information, experiences, and “words to the wise” that are generously peppered throughout Jeff’s books.

Grouped alphabetically by subject, this volume provides an intriguing look ahead to the books that follow in the series.

Here are a few of the 116 topics included in this book:

Accounts Payable Financial Advisors Notice of Assignment
Departments Following Your Rules Payment Over Notice
Benefits of Factoring Fraud Perceptions of Factoring
Bad Debt Greed Rebates
Banks Human Nature Record Keeping
Brokering Improving Cash Flow Referrals
Clients, Bad Instincts Right Reasons to Factor
Clients, Good Legal System Risk Management
Common Sense Limits Trust
Concentrations Marketing Verifications
Crooks Misdirected Payments Warning Signs
Due Diligence Need for Factors
Factoring Rates Niche

About the Author: Since 1994 Jeff Callender has helped hundreds of small companies as their factor.  His books have taught thousands more how to invest in this powerful but often misunderstood financial tool.

This eBook is available in the bookstore as part of the Small Business Factoring Series.