Factoring Case Studies

Essential Lessons from 30 Real Factoring Clients, by Jeff Callender

What Are Factoring Clients Really Like?

Are they honest, hard-working people who appreciate and absolutely need your help or crooks out to rip you off? This book provides 30 compelling first-hand accounts, written by eight small factors. Each is true and full of practical wisdom and essential lessons.

In Factoring Case Studies you will discover…

  • 12 case studies of good and even great clients – and what makes them both attractive and profitable to the factors who fund them.
  • 18 case studies of negative experiences, some of which are downright awful – and guidance as to how to avoid such disasters.
  • Hundreds of tips, identified by various icons in the margins of each page.
  • A brief analysis following each case study which points out key lessons and subtle yet important details revealed in the case study.
  • Short biographical sketches of all eight factors who come from a wide variety of backgrounds.
  • Entertaining accounts of small businesses and their owners (all true), and their business and personal names (all obviously changed), including:

Garret Gogetter, who overcame several setbacks to begin factoring his receivables, and how doing so has enabled him to grow his business steadily and profitably.

Harvey Hoodwinker, owner of Hardluck Harvey’s Homes, who gave one sad story after another, then stole checks paying invoices he factored…and told his factor he had no idea what happened to them.

Tiff and Wrangle Clank, owners of Clan Brothers Wiring and Cable, who just couldn’t get along. See what happened with their factoring relationship after they parted ways.

Rusty Razzle, his ex-wife Ruby, and her new husband Dusty Dazzle, who together (somehow) managed to make a success of their company, Razzle and Dazzle Manufacturing.

Dee Seetful, who trained start-up and nonprofit companies to follow proper regulations and business ethics. She then misdirected the first payment due her factor and quietly disappeared.

Stewart Stalwart, owner of Stalwart Security, a solid, steady, and long-term client for his factor. Incredibly he has factored his receivables for years without a single problem.

Hyden Sneek, owner of Mr. Scumbucket Janitorial, who factored successfully for years until he started stealing factored payments. His saga is a great lesson in client oversight and how the justice system works.

About the Author: Jeff Callender began doing what this book teaches in 1994. He has written books and numerous articles, consulted, and been a public speaker to thousands of people about how to profitably factor small receivables. No one comes close to providing as much information on the subject as he has.

The Factoring Case Studies eBook is available in the bookstore as part of the Small Business Factoring Series.