Fundamentals For Factors

How to Make Large Returns In Small Receivables, by Jeff Callender

Are you seeking a way of making dependable income with the hours you choose from any location you want?

Would you like to make consistent, “even routine” high investment returns without the roller coaster ride of stocks, options, futures, and other risky investments?

Fundamentals for Factors, the second book in the Small Business Factoring Series, opens a new world of creating income in a way unfamiliar to most people. You will be introduced to an enterprise that is win-win for you and the small businesses you will help.

Do this part-time or full-time, you decide. If you need to make dependable, high returns with a hands-on investment, are looking for a way to add a lucrative income stream to your existing work, or are just interested in making very good money, this book is for you.

You will discover…

  • How factoring, buying business invoices for less than their face value, is a proven investment tool that has been practiced for literally centuries.
  • How you can make middle to high double-digit annualized returns purchasing as many or as few small receivables as you want.
  • Why these high returns are consistent, dependable, and actually determined by you.
  • How much capital you need to start – and it is probably much less than you think.
  • That you probably already have the space and equipment you need to begin.
  • Why factoring can be the perfect part-time or second income if you’re happy with your present work.
  • How factoring provides excellent supplemental income if you’re retired or just want to work flexible hours at your own pace.
  • How you can transition into factoring from the job you no longer have or like.
  • What you need to be a full-time factor
  • Why factoring is enjoyable for you, beneficial to others, and financially rewarding for everyone.
  • Four common risks that are involved, plus two others you don’t expect.
  • Specific steps “many of which cost nothing” you can and must take to minimize these risks.
  • One simple technique that will make a catastrophic loss impossible.
  • Six types of receivables you should avoid and why.
  • 25 requirements people look for when researching a new venture, and how factoring meets each one.
  • Your answer to the question, “Does factoring small receivables make sense for me?”

“This book shows how investing in receivables is rewarding, within reach for a great many people, and can be done part-time or full-time. Small Factors can operate successfully by following the guidelines described in this book.” — Bert Goldberg , President, International Factoring Association

About the Author: Jeff Callender has been factoring small receivables since 1994. With his books, articles, web sites, classes and workshops, he has taught thousands how to profit with this lucrative investment. This book reveals the essentials you must understand in order to safely make these remarkable returns.

This eBook is available in the bookstore as part of the Small Business Factoring Series.