Factoring Business on the Go: 10 Essential Apps for Factoring Professionals

Factoring Business AppsSavvy factoring professionals understand the shifting landscape of business. Customers use mobile technology to engage with your company at all hours of the day and night, from all over the world. Since these tools are readily available, it’s important to use them to your advantage. Below are ten essential mobile applications for staying connected to the most important parts of your business. Add them to your arsenal to take your factoring company to the next level.

Stay in touch with clients and contacts.

Communication is the key to building a factoring business and serving your clients, so use these apps to follow up even when your desk is 1,000 miles away.

Salesforce1: Salesforce’s comprehensive app puts your lead and customer information at your fingertips. Add, edit and update leads, access reports and dashboards, and collaborate with your team to close deals and provide the outstanding service your clients expect. (Available on iOS and Android)

LinkedIn: The most popular networking site offers four apps designed to optimize your mobile experience. Phone and iPad apps give you full access to LinkedIn’s features, while a Contacts app keeps all of your contact information in one place and the Pulse app allows you to focus on the news stories that matter most to you. (Free on iOS, Android, & BlackBerry. iPad & Contacts apps are exclusive to iOS. Pulse is available on iOS and Android)

Skype: Sometimes, you just need to have a face-to-face conversation. When those faces are on the other side of the country, use a video-chatting app like Skype to have conferences or just check in. You can keep in touch with family, conduct interviews, or have a team meeting from anywhere. Using Skype means you can video chat even without a native app such as FaceTime. (Available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone)

Email apps: Whether you use Gmail or Outlook, there is a mobile application to make sure you never miss an email. You may also choose to use your mobile device’s native email application, but using your service’s proprietary app may offer you options to customize your mobile viewing to more closely resemble a desktop email.

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Make travel a breeze.

If you travel for business, you are acutely aware that every minute matters. Travel apps can eliminate unnecessary complications from your trips and let you spend more time on achieving your primary goals.

Waze: We have all been stuck in traffic because of accidents, construction, or simply getting on the road at the wrong time. Waze is a social navigation app that features user-reported updates on police, collisions, and slow traveling so you can reroute as necessary to make your meetings on time. In addition, Waze’s maps are constantly updated so you can avoid dead-ends. Connect with your contacts to coordinate your arrival at the same destination. (Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone)

TripIt: Keep all the details of your business trip organized with TripIt’s itinerary-building software. When you forward confirmations for flights, trains, car rentals and hotels, TripIt will construct your itinerary and forward it to you so you can share with anyone who needs to know. The Pro version features even more options, such as VIP memberships and automatic sharing. (Available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7)

Manage your documents from anywhere.

Nothing is more frustrating than needing a document and realizing that you forgot to print it or that it’s saved on your computer at work. Cloud-based document storage gives you access to the documents you need without having to carry a flash drive or a binder of papers. (Plus, it saves the environment!)

Office Mobile: If you already use Office 365 in your office, enhance your experience with Office Mobile for your chosen device. You can view and edit files in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint without changing the native formatting. This is the cleanest way to work with your Office files yet. (Available for iOS and Android, included with and optimized for Windows Phone)

Dropbox: It is difficult to overstate the benefit of a cloud storage app such as Dropbox. Folders sync seamlessly between the Web application, desktop app, and any of their mobile apps. Separate files into folders by team member, client, or any other designation you choose – with Dropbox’s auto-update feature, you will have immediate access to any files saved in your account! (Available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire)

Stay on top of your day.

The best way to maximize your time is to keep track of how you need to spend it. To do so, an intuitive task app and extensions of the sites you use most can help you stay organized.

Any.do: Any.do is an award-winning planning app that keeps your to-do list organized and in front of your face when you need it. It integrates with the phone, email, and other necessary functions on your phone so you can complete tasks without switching between apps. You can sort items based on your preferences using their folder system, and each day the app will prompt you to “plan your day” by reviewing your list and choosing when to complete each item. The Chrome extension also allows you to add items directly from Gmail and sync between your mobile and desktop apps. (Available for iOS and Android)

Google Now: Google Now gives you targeted information and suggestions based on your calendar, location, and preferences. From travel time and traffic warnings to calendar reminders, your life is laid out in simple cards that you can scroll through anytime. When you open the app each card will have a relevant item that you can tap for more details, swipe to dismiss, or scroll past to save for later. Google Now will also show you stories based on your favorite items or search results, which you can customize in the settings. (Available on Android)

There is an abundance of apps to help keep track of your business on the go. Test some out and build up a solid roster of invaluable apps that will help your factoring business grow – no matter where it takes you.

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