4 Online Marketing Predictions for Factoring Business Owners in 2015

Factoring Business Marketing PredictionsA strong online presence is vital to marketing your factoring business in 2015. With ever-increasing competition for shrinking Google real estate, slapping up a website and establishing accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn simply won’t cut it anymore. The cash flow industry is competitive and online marketing can prove challenging to any factoring business. Change is the only constant in digital marketing, but here are four predictions that should hold true for online marketing in 2015.

1. Mobile matters more than ever

Think about the last time you performed a Google search at home. Did you start up your desktop or pull out a phone or tablet? Even if you did the former, it’s likely a huge chunk of your prospects did the latter. If you follow any marketing news, you’ve probably heard the phrase “this is the year for mobile” on repeat for the last five years.

In reality, 2015 may likely be the year when mobile traffic overtakes desktop traffic. If your website isn’t delivering an optimal user experience across different devices, time is running out. Expect Google to increase penalties for websites that don’t optimize for mobile users. The search giant is dropping clues about the escalating importance of mobile. They recently began testing mobile-friendly icons next to search listings and they’ve added a new mobile testing section in Google Webmaster Tools.

2. Content reigns supreme

Content creation will be paramount again in 2015. Crafting insightful and well-written content is key to hooking (and retaining) your prospect’s attention. Content is a powerful force in the digital world. It positions your brand as an industry expert and builds trust with potential clients. Think beyond your website and create blogs, whitepapers, newsletters and ebooks that provide helpful information. Expand your marketing with visual content such as images, videos, infographics and webinars. Create content with one goal in mind – to benefit your audience.

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3. Competition is fierce

A recent B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks study shows that 93% of B2B marketers surveyed used content marketing as part of their 2014 strategy. Not only that, 73% of B2B marketers reported producing more content than the previous year. Content marketing has caught on and businesses are producing a massive quantity of materials. In 2015, it’ll be easier than ever for your content to become buried in the clutter.

Anticipate more Google algorithm updates in 2015 to help eliminate some of the noise. Websites with thin content (less than 200 words) will be punished, while websites with well-crafted and original content will be rewarded. In short, it will require more work and creativity to set your factoring business apart in 2015. Be prepared to produce better content and more of it.

4. Data dominates

The secret to marketing success doesn’t require a big advertising budget; it’s in the data at your fingertips. To reach your target audience, you must understand them. Understanding your audience is simple with free tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and the Google Keyword Planner. Website analytics tools are easily accessible and provide valuable insight into the online behavior, search patterns, demographics and needs of your prospects. Apply this knowledge to your marketing materials to forge stronger relationships with your audience.

Data analysis is necessary to outsmart your competition and improve your content, but it shouldn’t be the only factor driving your marketing in 2015. Don’t underestimate the power of a good old-fashioned conversation. Pay close attention when speaking with factoring prospects.

  • What questions do they frequently ask?
  • What are their concerns?
  • What does your business offer that excites them?
  • What matters most?

Their answers will enable your factoring business to better connect with prospects and deliver an excellent online experience, which the most meaningful element to any online marketing campaign.

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