Top 10 Accounts Receivable Factoring Questions

What are the 10 most common questions presented by a business considering accounts receivable factoring?  More importantly, how should you address them? If you have to convince a prospect that he/she needs invoice factoring, or your prospect is picking apart everything you are presenting, you are wasting your time. It’s as simple as “the business either needs accelerated cash flow or it doesn’t.” Therefore a true prospect will not be adversarial in dealing with you, but there will be genuine questions and concerns about the process. That is fair and highly predictable. Accordingly you must prepare to educate your prospect and anticipate the very predictable questions. 10 Questions Likely to Come Up In Your Next Factoring … [Read more...]

Overcoming Cost Objections to Factoring

We recently received this query from a factoring investor subscriber: "In the past, prospective clients complained about factoring costs being very expensive. How do we overcome this objection?" There are several ways to address the cost question as explained here by Mike Ponomarew. … [Read more...]