8 Email Marketing Tips For Factoring Brokers

8 Tips to Reach Your Prospects With Email Marketing For Factoring Brokers…

email marketing factoring brokersIt’s not easy to market to new factoring prospects. Many marketing tactics exist to effectively generate new leads including social media, blogging, paid advertising, direct mail and email marketing. While all of these strategies are effective and necessary forms of marketing, email marketing allows factoring brokers to reach prospects in seconds at a very low cost, with more personalization options. It’s an inexpensive and easy to use tool in your advertising arsenal.

One of the greatest benefits to email marketing is personalization. It’s important to customize email messages to each prospect to increase open rates and responses. Factors can send personalized messages to prospects based on industry, size, location, financial needs and more.

Here are 8 tips to ensure effective email marketing for factoring brokers:

1. Easy To Subscribe

Make it easy for prospects to subscribe to emails. Allow them to sign up from your website, blogs, social media and wherever else may be helpful. Make sure your subscriber form is short and doesn’t ask for too much information. Sometimes an email address is all you need. It may be a good idea to include options for how often they want to receive emails on the subscriber form, to ensure they won’t get upset for receiving too many or too few. If it becomes apparent that not many people are signing up, offer some type of incentive for subscribing.

2. Minimalist Design

The less clutter, the better. Reading lengthy paragraphs of text is the last thing prospects want to do when receiving an email. Don’t ramble on and keep the wording short and to the point. Highlight the important content, don’t take away from it with a flashy layout or slow loading images in the background.

3. Use Numbers and Bullet Points

Make the content simple to scan by incorporating bulleted lists and short paragraphs. Use lists to highlight important factoring content in the email to draw the reader in. Lists help separate long content to make it appear shorter and easier to read.

4. Include Valuable Information Only

Include content in emails that factoring prospects will find interesting and helpful. If different content is beneficial for different types of prospects, create targeted lists and send emails with unique content for each. Industry-based lists are a good place to start. For example, an owner-operator may not be interested in receiving an email about the staffing industry, so make sure each list receives content relevant to their industry.

5. Empathize With Your Prospects

Know your audience. Ask questions and show interest to better understand them. Connecting with prospects will allow you to know their needs and provide them with a suitable financial solution whether it is now or in the future.

6. Insert Links To Your Page

Including links to website content in emails will help increase the chances of people visiting your site for more information. Once someone clicks a link, draw them in with content that catches their interest.

7. Use A Call To Action

The key to a successful email marketing campaign is a catchy call to action. If you want prospects to act, let them know. A call to action that appeals to your audience will likely increase response rates. Insert a call to action button within emails that says ‘Get A Free Quote’ or ‘Learn More About Factoring’, whatever will appeal to prospects.

8. Be Mobile Friendly

Make sure the emails are mobile friendly. There are an increasingly large number of users who view content on mobile devices, so confirm the email is loading properly on both desktop and mobile. Be sure to double check visuals such as infographics and photos on a mobile device when sending emails.

Another reason to use email marketing for your factoring company or brokerage is because it’s easy to measure your success. Even basic email platforms such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact offer analytics for each email blast so you can assess click-through-rates, open rates, conversion rates, unsubscribes, etc. Most email software providers format the data in graphs and tables for easy analysis as well. This way, past email successes and failures can be tracked to drive future strategies. As you can see, email marketing is important and can prove very effective for any factoring business owner.

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