Best Video Marketing Practices for Factoring Companies

Being in the B2B finance industry, sometimes marketing ideas can feel limited. However, social media allows you to market to an audience creatively. With social media and mobile users increasing each year across all industries, it’s important for B2B companies, particularly those in the factoring world, to jump in and engage prospects. One way to reach a new audience, or keep in touch with your current one, is by creating videos. In fact, many marketers consider video as a leading form of lead generation. Even with all the numbers standing for video marketing, it can be hard to get started, especially for factoring companies. Here are some of the best video marketing practices to get your factoring business going. Step 1: Topic … [Read more...]

3 Business Factoring Benefits To Grow Your Bottom Line

Although there are many benefits to business factoring over getting a line of credit, consider these… 3 Ways Invoice Financing Can Help Your Business Factoring Benefit #1 - Take On The Slow Payers What?!? Purposely take on accounts that have slow payers? That is right… … [Read more...]