Bank Factoring or a Factoring Company?

Business Commerce & Trade uA common question among companies is whether they should pursue bank factoring or deal with a company that specializes in factoring when deciding to sell account receivables.

In the past, financial relationships were largely with your own personal banker. Nowadays, your car loan may be from a completely different financial institution than your home loan, business credit line, or credit cards.

The reason being is that, with competition, you are able to get specialized service and better pricing.

For the most part, Bank Factoring and a Factoring Company will have similar pricing, but price is not your only consideration.

A full-service factoring company comes out on top when you think of what additional benefits you receive…

Speed – Most banks are not known for their quick turn around. Factoring companies will typically fund the same day or within 24 hours. Factors use a lot less paperwork.

Credit Help – Today’s factors do more than buy your receivables. They can check out your prospective clients credit and help you avoid bad accounts.

Collection – A full service factor will supply you a collection expert. These people are good at what they do. They know how to maintain the credibility of your business, and also collect some money!

Collateral – Although banks suggest they are only interested in the receivables, they will also typically require a secured position in all your assets as security. This can be very problematic when you need additional funds and the bank has tied up your collateral. A Factor will usually only use the actual invoices as security – enabling you to continue to run your business as you see fit.

Flexibility – Face it, banks are not flexible. Today’s full service factors have to be flexible to compete with each other. They can think outside the box and most deals, unlike a bank, are not ‘pass or fail.” A factor will try to find a way to make the deal work for you.

All things considered, you are typically much better off dealing with a full-service factor than going to a bank that just happens to ‘also offer” factoring services.

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