Could You Tell a Client They Don’t Need Factoring Help?

I witnessed an odd exchange of dialogue the other day on the Internet. It would have been humorous except neither of the cash flow consultants came to the right decision – over a long period of opportunity.

The “Dilemma”

The exchange started with a simple post from a factoring broker that had a “dilemma” with a new soon-to-be client.

In going over the client’s information, the consultant discovered that the client really did not need factoring help. He had two other alternatives that were clearly better choices for the client , with no additional risk.

The consultant was concerned how he was going to keep is his client focused on factoring so he could get the deal. “Any feedback would be helpful.”

Enter the “Expert”

The post was almost immediately replied to by a so-called “industry expert” that had been involved with similar negotiations (all going his way of course).

His advice bordered between “bait and switch” and “smoke and mirrors.”


In the ongoing posts back and forth neither of them ever considered actually telling the client that there were better options available.

What? Risk losing the deal in exchange for taking the professional higher ground?

Yes, and here is why…

1. The client is going to find out anyway. When they do, you are going to look like either an idiot or a thief. Ok, maybe those sound a bit harsh, but you will probably be viewed somewhere in the not so favorable middle.

2. They have friends to send you. Your “missed opportunity” with this client could come back ten-fold if you actually help your client. Trust me, he is going to tell every one of his colleagues about you. You saved the day, even if it didn’t involve invoice factoring. Who do you think his friends are going to call?

3. They have friends to steer away from you. Same as the last point, but in a bad turn of reversal. Remember, he will find out what happened, and will be sure to tell his friends if he thinks you purposely didn’t help him in order to make a few bucks.

Look, the rule of thumb is simple…

Always do the right thing.

Help your client in any way, shape, or form that you can. If it involves factoring receivables and you get a commission on the deal – that’s great!

If it doesn’t, but you are still able to help, just consider that you put some future business on lay away – maybe it will show up just in time for the holidays!


  1. Great article and reflects my sentiments as well.

  2. I just read a few other posts on here. Good thing I returned once more. Nice work

  3. it would be interesting to know what the situation was that factoring was the less desirable solution, and what the better solution was.

  4. Excellenet approach, Fred. Professionalism, ethics, honesty, integrity and customer are always the highest priority, no matter what, there are no excuses. This is the way to thrive and succeed. Thanks for the sharing.

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