When Do Factoring Companies Decline Invoice Financing?

Factoring companies have a well-earned reputation for providing cash flow solutions when banks say “No” to business financing. But there are times when even they turn down a request for factoring help. Improve your chances for approval by keeping four qualifiers in mind when courting receivable financing: … [Read more...]

Could You Tell a Client They Don’t Need Factoring Help?

I witnessed an odd exchange of dialogue the other day on the Internet. It would have been humorous except neither of the cash flow consultants came to the right decision – over a long period of opportunity. The “Dilemma” The exchange started with a simple post from a factoring broker that had a “dilemma” with a new soon-to-be client. In going over the client’s information, the consultant discovered that the client really did not need factoring help. He had two other alternatives that were clearly better choices for the client , with no additional risk. The consultant was concerned how he was going to keep is his client focused on factoring so he could get the deal. “Any feedback would be helpful.” Enter the “Expert” The … [Read more...]

What’s in Your Factoring Broker Package?

You know that feeling when you see something done right and want to share it with others? Well we found several "must have" factoring broker kits while … [Read more...]

“Hey Millennium, I have a great Purchase Order Funding Deal”

Over the years, we have fielded many calls from consultants inquiring about Purchase Order Funding opportunities (PO Funding). These types of prospects seem to garner a great deal of excitement as most prospects looking for PO Funding are in dire need of cash, and they need it now. … [Read more...]

Why Factors say YES when banks say NO

Have you ever heard this from a prospect; "Don't waste your time, I am not bankable?" Did you then wonder why a factor would ever consider funding a company that a bank would decline? If you have, believe me, you are not alone (I get asked this all the time). Let me see if I can help clear this up. Let me begin by defining a strong banking prospect: Prospect has been in business for a minimum of 2 years Prospect has audited financial statements reveal solid profit margins in the previous 12 month accounting period Prospect has steady revenue growth with no "Peaks or Valleys" Prospect's management team is strong with a proven track record of success in the industry Prospect has absolutely no bankruptcies or judgments in the … [Read more...]