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Take Aim With Factor Marketing!

"IF YOU AIM AT NOTHING YOU WILL HIT IT!" What an interesting phrase but how does it relate to the Factoring Industry? Many Factoring Consultants exhaust their marketing efforts with a shotgun approach, never aiming or directing a Target marketed message to a Target marketed audience. Unfortunately, these individuals end up creating a lot of activity but not being very productive. … [Read more...]

How to Be Sure Your Business is Paid!

I just received a large order from a local company - should I take it? This is what I call the 'ship and hope" syndrome. In other words, fulfill an order; ship the product and 'HOPE" to get paid. In today's economy, not knowing the credit (payment history) of your clients is a recipe for disaster.  Unfortunately, I would estimate that over 90% of the businesses … [Read more...]

Cross Border Factoring – Look to the North to Expand Business

Why do business in Canada one might ask? You may or may not know that Canada is the second largest land mass country in the world with Russia being the first. However, the population in Canada is just over 30 million about the same as the state of California. … [Read more...]