Factoring: Is It Always About the Account Debtor?

We all know that factoring has been around for ages and due to the recent changes in the economy its popularity has increased dramatically. With financial institutions constricting credit to businesses, the increased demand for cash flow has created an opportunity for the asset based lending industry especially for … [Read more...]

Credit Squeeze Keeps Factoring Companies Busy

A small business owner who is trying to grow his/her business during a booming economy will hit some speed bumps when applying for traditional financing if he/she cannot show an extensive profitable operating history. Throw in the current economic climate, and the chance of an entrepreneur obtaining a conventional bank loan is slim to none. When loans are no longer an option, business owners have to find … [Read more...]

3 Business Factoring Benefits To Grow Your Bottom Line

Although there are many benefits to business factoring over getting a line of credit, consider these… 3 Ways Invoice Financing Can Help Your Business Factoring Benefit #1 - Take On The Slow Payers What?!? Purposely take on accounts that have slow payers? That is right… … [Read more...]

What is Accounts Receivable Factoring?

Cash flow problems often occur at the early stages of business development or during periods of rapid growth. Cash flow especially becomes a problem in industries where it's typical for completed work to go unpaid for 30, 60, or even 90 days after issuing the invoice. Thus, when growing companies start experiencing growth pains, they first try to … [Read more...]

Factoring: Colbert Report Video Reveals Need for Invoice Financing

What’s ailing small business in this recovery? Why aren’t they hiring more people? One major reason…big business is using small business as their banks! The big guys are showing solid returns yet purposely taking longer and longer to pay the invoices owed to small business owners. … [Read more...]

Why Temporary Nurse Staffing Companies Make Great Candidates For Factoring

There are two instances when a temporary nurse staffing agency could encounter a bit of a cash flow crisis. The first is when the agency is just starting out, and the second is when it hits a period of rapid growth. To a bank looking at a loan application, neither situation is attractive. On the contrary, to some factors both of these situations might sound very appealing, and this article explains why. … [Read more...]

Building A Factoring Broker Business? Bigger is Not Always Better!

In my very first sales experience, my book of business was compared to a bathtub half full with water. Additionally, I was told that this bath tub had no plug in the drain, so water was continually escaping from it. The riddle was finally completed with the question, "How therefore can you maintain water in half the tub with the constant outflow of water?" … [Read more...]

Should You Make Invoice Factoring Offers Via Email?

In an age where birthday wishes seem limited to a Facebook Wall post and asking someone out on a date is abbreviated to accommodate Twitter’s 160 character limit, it leads us to ask: Are we getting too impersonal when it comes to making offers or negotiation? … [Read more...]

Factoring Your Temporary Staffing Accounts Receivables

Temporary Staffing companies play a key role in employment, and have helped reduce the overall unemployment numbers in the US over the past 6 months, even if their workers are employed on a short-term basis. However, temp staffing is one of the many small business sectors that have been affected by primary lenders who have been forced to tighten credit policies. … [Read more...]

Factoring Medical Receivables – Where are the Needs and Opportunities?

Have you ever known of a situation in which the Federal Government intervened in an industry through regulation or in any other way, and as a result of such intervention, the industry became more efficient? If you can’t think of any off hand it’s because it hasn’t happened. The most recent example of such inefficiency has been the … [Read more...]