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What is Spot Factoring?

Need a quick one-time infusion of cash for your company?  Spot factoring just might be the answer. This business financing solution enables a company to receive an advance on a single outstanding invoice. … [Read more...]

Learn to Factor Government Receivables

The federal government is spending more than ever in the struggling economy with government contracts on the rise.   Contractors working with the government are eager to access working capital by factoring government receivables. The International Factoring Association is offering a training class on Factoring Government Receivables. The two-day event will be October 15 & 16, 2009, at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Kwesi Rogers, Principal and President of Federal National Payables, Inc., will be one of the lead instructors.   He has financed over 200 small and emerging government contractors and offers insight on how to successfully factor government receivables. Registration is available online through … [Read more...]

How to Be a Small Business Factoring Specialist!

Dash Point Financial has become a well-known specialist in small business factoring with over 15 years of industry success. Factoring Investor (FI) asked Jeff Callender, founder and president, to share some information on working with his company. … [Read more...]

PRN President Appointed to Factoring Association Advisory Board

CLEVELAND,  June 4  /PRNewswire/ In May,  Philip Cohen, president of PRN Funding, LLC, was one of six selected to the International Factoring Association Advisory Board. As a new board member, Mr. Cohen will be asked to provide guidance and feedback to the association's executive director,  Bert Goldberg. Together with the other board members, Mr. Cohen will also be responsible for communicating up-to-date factoring industry information to the entire International Factoring Association (IFA) membership base. "I'm honored to be given the opportunity to help shape the International Factoring Association," Mr. Cohen said. "I'm eager to get started." Founded in 1999, the mission of the IFA ( is to disseminate … [Read more...]

Small Factor Series – 6 Essential eBooks for Factors and Consultants

The Small Factor Series is a powerful how-to system for anyone wanting to make money with small invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing. This complete package contains the following 6 eBooks available for instant download. Factoring Fundamentals How You Can Make Large Returns in Small Receivables Are you seeking dependable income with the hours you choose from any location you want? This introductory volume in The Small Factor Series, shows how you can make middle to high double digit annualized returns no matter how much you invest! Gain access to all the information a newcomer to factoring needs to know when starting out in this remarkable investment. Read More... Factoring Small Receivables  How To Make Money in Little … [Read more...]

Factoring Top Ten

The Top 10 ebooks provide keen insight to particular aspects of factoring that every newcomer must learn, and every veteran will appreciate. These four eBooks are available for purchase individually at $9.95 each or buy all 4 as a bundle for only $29.95 (buy 3 get 1 free)! These are Instant Downloads -- order them now, have them in seconds! Top 10 Insights about Factoring Prospects ($9.95) by Jeff Callender Questions to Ask and Truisms to Remember When Considering Potential Clients Choosing which prospects to approve and which to decline is one of the most important decisions you make as a factor. These 10 insights provide a perspective and understanding of just where you really do (and don't) want to invest your money and time. Filled … [Read more...]

Marketing Tools For Small Factors & Consultants – A Hands-On Guide to Methods That Work

What are the most effective marketing methods to find new factoring clients? This is a vital question confronting all factors and factoring consultants, especially those new to the business. Yet surprisingly little is written to answer such a key issue. This book shows which tools work (and which haven't worked) for seven professionals in the industry. You Will Discover: The most effective methods which have the lowest cost - or no cost at all. Methods too often used by newcomers which are quite expensive and generate very little (if any) business. How to define your "choice client" then identify and zero in on that audience. Specific advice about what to do (and what not to do) as you get started. Unique methods not often … [Read more...]

Factoring Fundamentals – How You Can Make Large Returns in Small Receivables

Are you seeking a way of making dependable income with the hours you choose from any location you want? Would you like to make consistent, "even routine"  high investment returns without the roller coaster ride of stocks, options, futures, and other risky investments? This book opens a new world of creating income in a way unfamiliar to most people. You will be introduced to an enterprise that is win-win for you and the small businesses you will help. Do this part-time or full-time, you decide. If you need to make dependable, high returns with a hands-on investment, are looking for a way to add a lucrative income stream to your existing work, or are just interested in making very good money, this book is for you. You will … [Read more...]

Unlocking the Cash in Your Company “How to Get Unlimited Funds Without a Loan”

Do You Need Capital for Your Company? Will factoring help your small business? Learn how selling your invoices can generate immediate cash flow, who can qualify, when to factor and when not to, how to find the right factor, how to know if a factor is right for your company, and much more. This book introduces an alternative means of financing called factoring which is misunderstood by some business owners, unknown to most, yet available to many who cannot obtain a bank loan. It can open doors you never knew existed to provide the cash your company sorely needs. You Will Discover... Why you may never have heard of factoring, despite its existence for centuries. What types of businesses qualify for these funds and the simple … [Read more...]

Factoring Small Receivables “How to Make Money in Little Deals the Big Guys Brush Off”

This how-to manual teaches everything you need to know about starting and running a small factoring business. With common sense directions and first-person experiences giving a "been there" flavor to each page, you'll learn how factoring small receivables can be a lucrative, enjoyable business and an excellent tool for investing retirement or discretionary investment funds. You will discover... How a small factor can profitably purchase low volume client receivables when big factoring companies can't. Numerous marketing methods that will bring in plenty of business. Many common mistakes others have made - and how to avoid them. How to limit risk using proper due diligence, routine procedures, and numerous other strategies to … [Read more...]