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Advertise With Factoring Investor!

Big News, Even Bigger Opportunity For Business! has quickly become the online information source for businesses, consultants, and brokers. With exclusive and up-to-date content, keeps both new readers and existing subscribers returning for more. What does this mean to you? Now that we have built consistent traffic for the past 12 months and boast over 75 unique articles, we are pleased to offer a limited number of companies the opportunity to generate leads with targeted online advertising. Your company could be featured directly on … [Read more...]

Five Strategies to Reduce Factoring Costs

When a business is strapped for cash they often turn to factoring accounts receivable as a financing solution.  Of course a factoring company expects to earn a profit on the cash advance and charges a fee for their service. Since the overall goal is improved cash flow, a company considering accounts receivable financing will carefully weigh the benefits against the costs. Here are five ways a business can reduce or offset the cost of factoring and still improve cash flow: … [Read more...]

Delinquent Debt How to Make Good Money With Bad Debt!

For better or worse, the United States economy runs on debt. In fact consumer credit alone totals over 2.4 trillion dollars (Federal Reserve August 2009 statistical release). That doesn't even include the big-ticket items like mortgages, commercial debt, and business loans! Now think about the state of the economy and the never ending reports on delinquencies, slow pays, and bad debt. If you are looking for the opportunity in this dismal economy.... think delinquent debt! Sound crazy? Think it through: … [Read more...]

Investor Spotlight: Healthcare Factoring with PRN Funding!

Factoring account receivables is helping health care companies through these tough economic conditions opening the door to earning opportunities for cash flow consultants. FactoringInvestor (FI) caught up with Phil Cohen, Founder and President of PRN Funding, LLC, to fill us in on the specialized niche of healthcare funding. … [Read more...]

What’s the Difference Between Factoring and Asset Based Lending?

Companies in need of creative working capital solutions often consider both Asset Based Lending and Factoring. This leaves many businesses to wonder, "What's the difference? Is it really apples and oranges?" … [Read more...]

An Alternative to Factoring

How can a business turn their account receivables to cash when they want to avoid factoring? Here is an alternative solution to consider when a company does not want to discount invoices or doesn't qualify for factoring. … [Read more...]

Investor Spotlight: It’s Not Just Construction Factoring with Quantum Corporate Funding

Factoring account receivables is helping businesses through these tough economic conditions opening the door to earning opportunities for cash flow consultants. FactoringInvestor (FI) caught up with Howard Chernin (HC) to fill us in on the accounts receivable funding business. … [Read more...]

When Should a Business Use Factoring?

Need to meet payroll?   Are suppliers demanding payment?   Has the bank reduced or pulled your credit line?   These are just a few of the challenges facing businesses in today's economy. In fact over one third of banks surveyed by the Federal Reserve in April 2009 have reported a decline in credit line and credit card limits for businesses. … [Read more...]